Scholarship opportunities

First year Students who are registering for the unified national examinations, having indicated first option BSU faculty / program, having gained a high score in 4th elective subject are eligible to apply for scholarships in the amount of GEL 100 per month.   

Students continuously scoring 81 / i.e. B  grades, are eligible to scholarships beginning of second semester in the amount of GEL 50 and successful A grade students who score 91 or more points are eligible to scholarships in the amount of GEL 100 per month.  

Honours students who are successful in scientific work, on a competition basis, are eligible to receive nominative scholarships in the amount of GEL 150 per month. 

Socially vulnerable honours students, are eligible on a competition basis to Avtandil Baratashvili nominative scholarhsip   in the amount of GEL 312 per month.

Social benefit programs

Orphan students are exempt from tuition fees.  

Socially disadvantaged with students good academic performance are eligible to University tuition co-financing on a competition basis.

 BSU operates University Foundation to support honours students and socially disadvantaged students.